File Size

Q: How do I know what size poster to order?

A: Check your conference guidelines, usually listed on the conference's website. Compare your file dimensions with what you enter for your poster's dimensions when ordering. You can find your file dimensions using these methods below:

  • For PowerPoint (Mac): Click File, then select Page Setup.
  • For PowerPoint (PC): Click Design, then Slide Size, then Custom Slide Size.
  • For .pdf (Mac): Open file in Preview, type Command-I.
  • For .pdf (PC): Open file in Adobe Acrobat, click File, click Properties.
  • For Illustrator (Mac): Click File, click Document Setup, Click Edit Artboards.If you're scaling up or down, double check that your file dimensions scale to that size. For instance, a 36x48 file can scale to print 30x40 or 42x56.

Make sure when you export from PowerPoint or Illustrator to .pdf, that your file dimensions are preserved and not changed to 8.5x11. We can print from any of these formats (.pdf, PowerPoint, Illustrator), but avoid .jpg and .tiff as they will not be the best print quality. Exporting to .pdf is best, because it preserves all figures, fonts, etc. of your file.

Q: My poster is A0?

A: That's 33.1in x 46.8in